Club Z Policy

1.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

2.  All sales are final. NO REFUNDS.

3.  Members must be 18 years of age or older.

4.  Photo ID with birthdate REQUIRED to purchase a
     membership and to check into the club.
     (ID must be government issue.)

5.  Club Z IS NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

6.  Absolutely NO drugs or alcohol on premises (bags
     may be checked upon entering.)

7.  No animals are allowed.

8.  Holidays are subject to weekend prices (management
     will determine this for each holiday).

9.  No feminine attire.


Reasons For Being 86'd:

1. Use of drugs or alcohol. (Bags will be checked upon entry.)

2. Sales of drugs or drug paraphernalia.

3. Destruction of Club property.

4. Theft of any kind.

5. Harassment of Club staff or other Club members.


Club Z Rules

1. Bags will be checked upon entry
2. No alcohol

3. No drugs

4. No weapons

5. No tools

6. No perishable / prepared food(s)

7. No large items allowed in club


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